Serving As An Extension Of The Founding Team

  • Our reason for being is we see a clear void of technical/engineering partners who are focused on the long-term success of the founders they work with.

  • Too often, the dynamic becomes transactional and not relationship-based. As a result, there is little room to pivot. This ultimately leads to founders feeling unsupported and that their platform doesn’t meet their expectations.


Our Philosophy


We value taking action: building products is at our core


We are data-driven: the ability to stay flexible and pivot rapidly based on data is critical


We are focused: creating opportunities and scaling forward-thinking companies drives us forward


NTB Product Accelerator

Launch a Startup in 100 Days

We break our delivery and execution into three distinct phases.

Requirements Gathering: We align on the product roadmap, scope, user journeys, and key wireframes. As a technical partner, we’re thinking through any edge cases and learning the core business model. Ensuring all parties are aligned is the bedrock for a successful project.

Rapid Prototyping: Building rapidly and gathering data allow us to quickly learn and adapt as the product comes together. This is a collaborative, design thinking phase, where we aim to get skeleton versions of a product into the hands of the founders and beta-testing customers as quickly as possible.

Go-To-Market Launch (GTM): We add any final features based on the prototyping feedback. Finally, we do extensive bug testing before we take the product to market. We work with founders to ensure the product and GTM strategy are in lockstep.

Your Execution Partner

Non-technical founders need a technical partner who won’t waste time on orientation or learning a coding language. It’s all about building, learning, and iterating to get to the final goal: a product that can earn revenue and gain traction. We execute across industries and technology needs. With our experience, we provide the insight and support you need to develop a well-formed digital strategy for your start-up. Our emphasis on execution is part and parcel to our narrow focus on delivering results with our entrepreneurs.

Let’s Work Together

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