What is an MVP?

  • By John Laughlin
  • 02.25.2021
  • Business

In the world of web and mobile app development, everyone seems to have a different definition of a minimum viable product (MVP).

Initial Validation

  • By John Laughlin
  • 03.10.2021
  • Business

What are some ways to gain initial validation prior to building a minimum viable product (MVP)?


Our Work

Skin Medicinals

Skin Medicinals is a platform for patients to receive affordable, effective custom compounded skincare medications from their dermatologists.

Foot Locker

Foot Locker was expanding in the e-commerce space and needed a partner to guide them with the right architecture while enabling them to move at a rapid pace.


Awesemo enlisted Near The Box to build custom analytics tools to help paying customers/users get the most out of their fantasy lineups.


Swarm was a platform for social trading. It allowed users to easily share their trades and positions to their social network, allowing them to generate validation feedback while also encouraging engaging conversations.

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