Enabling Rapid Transformation Through Innovation

Competition is fierce for all businesses, no matter the size. Large companies have no choice but to constantly innovate as they protect market share. It's not enough to have incremental progress of your core business.

We help enterprises execute discontinuous innovation.

By “discontinuous innovation,” we mean disruptive, radical advances that alter the basis for competition in an industry, often rendering old products or ways of working obsolete.



Software expertise is our medium to foster innovation. Building stable coding foundations that can also scale with future feature additions is our special sauce to building quality web and mobile applications. Our CEO is an engineer himself who sets a high standard for quality architecture and code bases, allowing us to rapidly innovate across different verticals and be trusted as a technical partner.


Our Offerings


Leveraging NTB’s domain expertise in poduct management, design, and software engineering to make informed decisions.

Custom Software Development

Building tailored software specifically designed to solve the needs of your business.

Data Analytics

Harvesting data from your business to create reports and strategies that faciliate data-driven decisions.

Data Analytics

Crafting sleek and intuitive user experiences centered around your product.

Delivery Acceleration

Moving faster, smarter, and creating efficient workflows to help you meet your deadlines.


Providing a battle-tested toolset and foundation for writing, testing, and developing software.


Opportunity Formation

We work with innovation groups with Fortune 500 and large private companies. Ultimately, our goal is to create as much opportunity for our customers as possible. Our partners have a deep understanding of their industry and customers. We want to help them build, measure, and learn when it comes to nonlinear ideas that can shake up a market and augment existing incremental innovation.


Case Study: Foot Locker

Foot Locker quickly came to the realization that consumers were pivoting from the traditional brick and mortar purchasing experience to buying shoes online. The company knew they needed to upgrade their e-commerce offerings to compete in the space. After a less-than-stellar experience with a Big Four consulting firm, Foot Locker enlisted Near The Box to build a custom application to integrate with existing systems and bring them to a modern technology stack. The result was a single-page, SEO-optimized application that combined a clean user experience and minimal page load time, despite the frequent presence of numerous images. Near The Box still works in a technology consulting role with Foot Locker now 3 years post-launch.

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