Shaping The Future Of Healthtech

We are problem solvers looking to build companies that impact people's lives. We have deep expertise advancing healthcare by pushing the frontier of technology with providers, patients, health systems, and pharmaceutical companies.


Barriers To Entry


Handling protected health information in a secure and HIPAA-compliant manner is one of the most crucial components of any healthtech application. We take security and compliance seriously and know that when dealing with patients' health information and privacy, there are no do-overs.


We have experience making digital products compliant and secure while also bringing them to market quickly for validation or feedback.


Healthcare is a large industry bogged down by regulations and compliance. We’re committed to thinking outside the box with our partners and look to shift paradigms.


NTB Proven Healthtech Stack

We use a variety of proven technologies to ensure we aren't building from the ground up every time. This helps us deal with compliance issues and product creation at a rapid pace. We aren't starting from step one, so with our proven experience and technology stack, you will be ahead of the competition from the start.


Advancing Healthcare


To impact the trajectory of healthcare, you have to consider and engage the entire ecosystem. Software systems, both antiquated and modern, speak different languages, making integrations extremely difficult. This is a pervasive problem across the healthcare landscape. One of our primary focuses is around the standardization of data for the future. Enabling the flow of data will allow for better coordination between systems as well as nimbly incorporating new technology to advance the field as a whole. We have experience working with HL7, X12, FHIR, JSON, and a large variety of data formats.


Patient Interactions

We value creating solutions that improve patient outcomes by ensuring positive interactions occur with our software. By allowing for a better patient experience, patients are more willing to engage with healthtech platforms, consequently improving their outcomes. Our goal is maximize patient experiences through intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces, which ultimately leads to better patient compliance.

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