Skin Medicinals is a platform for patients to receive affordable, effective custom compounded skincare medications from their dermatologists. Skin Medicinals was started by dermatologists to help patients that were suffering from cost-prohibitive medication. The founding team had a strong vision, to help unite and enable dermatologists across the US to provide better, more affordable care for their patients.



Skin Medicinals had three distinct platforms that needed to be created.


First was the patient platform, this was necessary to enable patients to order and receive their personally compounded medications from their providers.


Second was the provider platform. This allowedproviders to fully manage their patients, as well as write e-prescriptions for their patients.


The third was a CSR Dashboard, to allow reps full control over patients and help facilitate any customer concerns.



The key to building great products not only lies within great engineering and design but also product management and communication. We begin each project with a Requirements Gathering phase where we assess the scope, understand the user journey, align on initial wireframes, and build a product roadmap. From understanding requirements, identifying bottlenecks and decision-makers, this initial phase allows us to form a roadmap to the project's completion.



Skin Medicinals over two years later has served over 100,000 patients. We still maintain and run all the technical elements of the business for Skin Medicinals, serving as their CTO advisor and long term technical partner. By continuing a close relationship withthe founders, and taking ownership of the product we are able to help enable them to scale at a rapid pace. We are also their primary resources for enabling their business through technology.


Other Work


Swarm was a platform for social trading. It allowed users to easily share their trades and positions to their social network, allowing them to generate validation feedback while also encouraging engaging conversations.


Awesemo wanted to build analytics tools to help paying customers/users get the most out of their fantasy lineups.

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