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We create customized digital platforms and strategies with forward-thinking, disruptive innovators.


NTB Startup

We partner with early-stage companies to design and build custom digital products.

NTB Innovation

We work with Series A, Growth, and Enterprise customers to create rapid transformation through innovation.


We build healthcare and health systems-oriented products focused on improving the quality of patient care.


Our Clients

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Role Of A Technical Partner

We view our work as creating long-term partnerships with our clients. Companies have unique needs, but by being a true technical partner, we go beyond delivering polished, scalable products. We capitalize on our experienced insight in technology to ensure you are on the right track for sustained success. Launching your product is just step one of the process. Our support and growth expertise post-launch allows clients to be nimble and pivot when the market responds.

Engineering-First Philosophy

At our core, we are builders who are product and solutions-oriented. Coming from an engineering background, we have an innate desire to build platforms and applications that will scale as you find success. Through years of experience—through working on a variety of projects—we have learned that every project comes with its own set of challenges. We are framework-agnostic and will leverage the right technology stack each project requires to bring the vision to life.


Our Work

Skin Medicinals

Skin Medicinals is a platform for patients to receive affordable, effective custom compounded skincare medications from their dermatologists.

Foot Locker

Foot Locker was expanding in the e-commerce space and needed a partner to guide them with the right architecture while enabling them to move at a rapid pace.


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